2021 US-Japan Relations

Webinar: Enduring and New Frontiers in US-Japan Relations

On March 25st we were delighted to have joined the East-West Center’s online webinar event featuring a number of rising experts on U.S.-Japan relations who are based in both the United States and Japan.

As the U.S.-Japan alliance embarks on new frontiers of cooperation, this new generation of specialists who come from a variety of professional backgrounds consider bilateral issues covering security, economics, and social justice issues as well as sub-national relations such as depopulation, climate change, sustainability, gender issues, dual citizenship and more!

For those who missed the live event, you can check out the insightful video discussion below!

Enduring and New Frontiers in U.S-Japan Relations is an article series produced by Tokyo Review and the East-West Center in Washington.

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Within the past six months, the United States and Japan have both elected new leaders and now must address questions of where the alliance stands and where it is headed. Join the East-West Center in Washington, in partnership with Tokyo Review, for an in-depth discussion with authors from the latest “Asia Pacific Bulletin” series to explore the possibilities for continuing and creating new pathways of cooperation between the United States and Japan under the Biden and Suga administrations.

Mr. Sean Connell
Senior Fellow,
Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation

Mr. Hilary Dauer
Independent Consultant on leave from the State Department

Dr. Tom Le
Assistant Professor of Politics,
Pomona College

Mr. Paul Nadeau
PhD candidate, University of Tokyo &
Cofounder and Editor, Tokyo Review

Ms. Sarah Sieloff
2020 Council on Foreign Relations-Hitachi Fellow – Japan

Dr. Jackie F. Steele
Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University &
CEO, enjoi Diversity & Innovation

Ms. Kristin Wilson
Young Professional,
East-West Center in Washington

Mr. Kensuke Yanagida
Research Fellow,
Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA)

Dr. Satu P. Limaye (Moderator)
Vice President, East-West Center &
Director, East-West Center in Washington


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